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Xodó, pronounced zoh-DOH, means love in Brazil.

It's a colloquial Portuguese word referring to someone for whom you feel affection. We dropped the accent and mispronounce the word, putting the emphasis on the first syllable instead of the second (sorry, linguists!), but the sentiment is the same. The word is a constant reminder of how we feel about plants and the natural landscape that surrounds us in the Gulf South.

Xodo Botanicals was founded in 2014 by Jane, who took up experimenting with natural perfumery and skincare to satisfy a lifelong fascination with the evocative power of scent memories. Inspired by the jasmine, sweet olive and citrus blossoms that scent the air in New Orleans, Jane soon became engrossed in creating scents that conjure up memories of time spent outdoors and natural skincare products that harness the seasonal abundance offered up by Louisiana's lush landscape. 

Xodo now offers a full line of natural skincare products for face and body that are intended to purify and simplify your self care regimen, and a range of soy candles that smell like real plants. All Xodo products are made by hand in a small studio in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans. 

Cypress Bath Soak