When can I expect to receive my order?

We typically fill and ship orders within 2 days, but please allow up to 5 days as we often make your products to order. When we ship your order, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information. If you need an order sooner than is available on our checkout page, email us at info@xodobotanicals.com and we'll assess the options for expedited shipping. 

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Please see our Shipping & Returns page for more info. 

What are your best sellers?

Candles, especially when people have a chance to smell them in person. The most popular scents are Gardenia and Cedar & Cannabis. We also sell a ton of the Rose Water Facial Toner since it works so well with all skin types and makes a great gift. Our perfume oils are all equally popular, but we're partial to the Spanish Moss, which layers really well with other fragrances. 

Are your products vegan?

The only ingredient we use that isn't vegan is beeswax, and we only use it in our Miracle Balm. The beeswax that we use is purchased directly from an organic beekeeper and farmer in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans who raises bees and grows food on formerly blighted properties to distribute to residents who otherwise lack access to fresh produce. 

Are your products natural?

Our perfume oils and skincare products are 100% natural and contain NO artificial fillers, preservatives, fragrance, or harmful chemicals. Each ingredient in these products has been intentionally selected for its purity and natural potency and we utilize natural ingredients that prolong shelf life, like vitamin E oil and rosemary leaf extract, whenever appropriate so we don't need to rely on chemical additives. 

Our candles are made with a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients. The soy wax and cotton wick are 100% natural as are the essential oils that we blend into each scent, but we also use synthetic fragrance oils in order to make candles that deliver a consistent and impactful scent throw at a reasonable price.

We tested with essential oils and found the results to be cost prohibitive and impractical for our purposes, as you need to use a huge amount of essential oil to create a candle with any noticeable fragrance and even then the results can be inconsistent.

That being said, we source our fragrance oils strictly from companies with proven transparency and adherence to ethical business practices, and we never use fragrance oils that contain phthalates. Furthermore, we always follow the formulation guidelines set forth by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) and we do extensive testing on each formula to ensure a consistently appropriate fragrance level. 

Are your products organic?

We use certified organic ingredients whenever we can. Some ingredients are not available as certified organic, such as fractionated coconut oil. Other ingredients that we use are plant-derived, chemical-free, and sustainably produced- in other words, "organic"- however becoming certified organic may be cost prohibitive for smaller farms and producers. We take care to study the ethics and practices of all the companies from whom we source our ingredients, opting to work with only those that offer full transparency into their processes and demonstrated dedication to protecting and preserving the environment. 

Do you test on animals?

Hell no! We love animals. All our products are tested thoroughly on ourselves and on our kind and open-minded friends and family. 

Are your products safe to use while pregnant or nursing? 

We'd love to say yes and we've had great feedback from our pregnant and nursing lady customers, but we can't account for every mother's unique constitution. As with any new product unless specifically marketed toward babies and pregnant mothers, we recommend checking with your doctor if you have any doubts.  

What is the shelf life of your products?

It varies, but in general we say that our products are at their best when used within a year from first use. We sterilize all our containers and work-spaces but as soon as you open your product you are introducing it to bacteria. That being said, we designed the packaging taking into account how much of the product the average person will go through and at what speed. If you use our Rose Water Facial Toner as much as we do, for example (morning, night, and a few times throughout the day), the 2-ounce bottle should last you a few months. You can extend the shelf life of your products by keeping them in cool spaces out of direct light. Try not to get any water into the body scrubs while using them in the shower and they will stay fresh longer. 

Can I use your skin care products on sensitive and/or acne-prone skin?

We designed all of our skincare products for our friends and family who came to us with specific issues - inflammation, acne, excessive oil, etc. - and we believe in the efficacy of the products to treat those issues. We've tested all our products on a variety of different skin types with positive outcomes. If you have any skin conditions that may be worsened by introducing new products, we recommend either consulting a dermatologist and/or doing a "patch test" of the product on a small patch of your arm before applying it to your face or all over your body. 

What is the best way to burn a candle?

Keep your candle free of dust and debris to the best of your ability by replacing the lid while it's not burning. Keep the wick trimmed to a quarter inch; our wicks are pre-trimmed and should burn in such a way that the wick always extends a quarter inch past the top of the wax, but this may be affected by abnormal environmental factors such as extreme heat or cold, a sustained breeze, etc, in which case you may want to trim it with scissors. 

The first time you burn your candle, make sure you let it burn until the entire top layer of wax is melted. This should take about 3 hours for the 8-ounce candles and one to two hours for the 4-ounce candles. This will prevent tunneling, or when the wax melts in the middle but remains solid around the edges, on subsequent burns.

Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface, away from kids and pets, and never unattended. We know some of our scents are relaxing, but don't fall asleep while they're still lit. 

Extinguish your candle (permanently) when about a half- to a quarter-inch of wax remains. 

Can I reuse the container that my product came in?

We hope you do! The containers that our skin care and perfume products come in can be wiped out with paper towels once empty, then cleaned thoroughly and reused as you wish. Labels will peel off easily and any residual adhesive on the glass can be scrubbed off.

Candle jars can also be easily repurposed: when the candle is burnt out, put the jar in the freezer with the lid removed for a few hours or overnight, then scrape out any remaining wax and the wick base with a dull knife or spoon. When the jar reaches room temperature, wipe out any remaining oil with paper towel then wash thoroughly before reuse. 

All of our containers are dishwasher-safe. 

Why do you use soy wax?

Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin wax (a petroleum by-product) and it burns slower than other waxes because it has a lower melting point. Our soy wax is fully biodegradable and is made from 100% US-grown soy beans - a sustainable and renewable resource.  

Do you make custom scents or products?

Yas! We love collaborating and developing new products and would love to help you out with whatever custom creation you're hoping to make! Some fun projects we've done include personalized lip balms and candles for wedding party favors, a signature candle scent for a plant store that smells exactly like a plant store, and a line of food-scented candles for a local kitchenwares shop. Send us an email at info@xodobotanicals.com with details and ideas and we can get started.